I love to fuck black or white--I don't care. It's me, posing in different photos and sets just to get you off.  I'm a new amateur that loves to seek out cock, and expect to find it.  Even though I'm thirty something, I just get naughtier every year!

Jack B. Dirty's Comments about BBW Macy:

"Macy is a BBW Slutwife--- Macy fucks white guys and black guys. This slut even fucks members from her website.

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I'm a slutwifes for black cock  and white cock.  I don't care being the slutwife that I am. I've also got a big ass. So, if you like Big asses, then I'm the slutwife for you! This is the Ultimate Hotwife site!

A guy from AFF contacted me and said that he was going to be coming to town on buisiness and would like to hook up. I seen his picture, and I thought he looked like a hottie, so I gave him my yahoo messenger name and told him to contact Me on there so that we could chat. He seemed really cool and funny, so when he got to town, I had him over to the house We sat around for a bit just talking and laughing. One thing about this guy is that he kept calling me "Macylicious". Finally I just had to break things down and get some cock. Needless to say, I was very satisfied with this guy, and hope that he calls me again when he gets back to town! He could definitly move them hips, lol! He came all over my belly, but I was really wanting him to put a load on my face... who's complaining though, I got Fucked..and that's what I really wanted..lol.
I met this stranger the other day from the internet in a hotel room. I'll call him Stranger P. I was pretty excited to hook up with this 32 year old guy.  Well as a slut would say, "Cock A doodle doo...any cock will do"..lol.  Anyway, he was a good fuck, and could definitly eat some pussy.
Believe it or not, my husband and I were up at Max and Erma's for lunch and a guy walked up to me out of the blue. He introduced himself, and said that he was a fan of mine. Well, anyway..we invited him to set down. I thought that he was kinda cute, so I began to flirt. You know me..lol.. the slut as usual. I then began to rub his cock under the table, and I couldn't believe it..but he was actually aready hard. I asked him if he'd like to go get a room, then I winked at my husband in an onry way. The guy said yes, so we all left the place and went to the good ol' red roof in just down the street.
Every once in awhile I love to really stretch my pussy to the limit. I've got this big thick black dildo that I love to shove in my pussy when I get in the mood! So, all you guys that have asked me before if I can take your big fat cocks; well you'll see the answer now. I can't wait to meet some of you in the future so that you can stretch my pussy like this 12" black dildo does. I came good that night!...lol

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